Rad, Cheap Things to do in Brooklyn

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Entertainment doesn’t necessarily need to come at a cost, and despite the current rise in Brooklyn entertainment prices, the city should be no exception. The following is a list of things to do in Brooklyn whether you are look for free entertainment or entertainment under $5 or $10 respectively. Try all these things and you’ll amazed at how much fun you can have without spending insane amounts of money.  


Visit a garden. Brooklyn has several gardens you can visit if admiring nature is something you enjoy. Narrows Botanical Gardens contains several mini-gardens of different varieties and are a perfect choice if you love flowers. Another botanical garden option is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This huge garden (52 acres) is a sight to see.


Take a walk. Consider this one as killing two birds with one stone. You get a sight-seeing walk in as well as some exercise. The Brooklyn Bridge is a classic visiting place and a wonderful choice to go on a walk. Likewise, you have the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This park is a wonderful place to have a picnic or grill.

See a free concert. If you do some digging, you can find places in Brooklyn that hosts free concerts throughout the year. Brooklyn Academy of Music is one that is known for hosting 75 free concerts a year.

Visit a museum. Brooklyn also has some museums with free admissions. A good one to visit is the Waterfront Museum Barge.


Visit the Brooklyn Public Library. The library exterior is a sight to see and you can learn a lot from the abundant books inside.

Take a free tour. You can find some locations in Brooklyn that gives free tours. The NY Distilling Company is one you can enjoy.

Go to Coney Island. This one is free so long as you abstain from riding any rides or purchasing any food. The walk itself can be entertainment enough.

$5 and under

Happy Hour. Though this is Brooklyn specific, you’ll be sure to find a bar in Brooklyn with a happy hour that will allow you to spend $5 or less per beer. Brooklyn Brewery is a good example.

Take a ride. Brooklyn houses some lovely locations for sight-seers and entertainment indulgers alike. The IKEA Express caters to both varieties. It takes you over the East River where you can find some more entertainment. The best part is is if you go on weekends, the ride is actually free. And while we’re on the note of riding, Jane’s Carousel is another great option.

$10 and under

Visit a museum. Brooklyn has a selection of museums for you to choose from that are under $10. At the Transit Museum you can learn about how the subway system got started. You can also visit the Brooklyn Museum and witness priceless works of art.

See some animals. Visit some monkeys at the Prospect Park Zoo or some shark and penguins at New York Aquarium.


Get some food. Food is always a great way to entertain yourself. Visit the Promenade and get some pizza or cheesecake.

Grab a drink. Drinking is always fairly decent entertainment. Some good options are Barcade (a bar and arcade in one), or Other Half Brewing. Additionally, if you want a margarita to-go, you can find those at Turkey’s Nest.