The Best Air Compressors for Airbrush Art and More

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If you’ve only just taken up the art of airbrushing, you are probably wondering what your air compressing needs will be. Air compressors work on the basis of taking the air around you, compressing it in a storage tank and releasing it alongside any paint, makeup, etc. through your airbrush. The following is a list of some of the best air compressors for your airbrush art.


  • Paasche D3000R ⅛ HP Compressor with Tank



Paasche D3000R ⅛ HP Compressor with Tank is a great product to use for airbrush art. As it’s name suggests, this one features a ⅛ HP piston compressor with a tank, includes a regulator with a moisture trap, delivers approximately 20-30 PSI, and has a noise level of 40 dbs. The lovely thing about this compressor is that it will stay off until the air tank runs low, resulting in less noise distraction. The regulator works beautifully and will allow you to adjust the pressure to whatever your needs are. This is a wonderful, quiet compressor that is well worth the price tag.


  • Master ⅕ HP Airbrush Tank Compressor


Master’s ⅕ HP Airbrush Tank Compressor is another great one on the market. This one is lightweight and compact and features pressure regulator with a gauge and a water trap filter that allows for you airflow adjustment as well as ensuring the air delivered is clean and dry. Additionally, this one has a noise level of 59 db, which is slightly louder than Paasche’s, but still relatively quiet. This air compressor, when compared to Paasche’s, is also much more affordable, making it a great compressor for money, even despite the louder noise level. This air compressor will be delivering all the air pressure you need at a decent speed, allowing you to get all the airbrush art that you need done.


  • PointZero ⅓ HP Pro Airbrush Air Compressor Twin Piston with Tank



With PointZero Pro Airbrush Compressor, you will be completing airbrush art comfortably for hours. This air compressor features two power modes, provides maximum output pressure of up to 85 psi, and has a regulator with an integrated pressure gauge. It also comes with a water trap that is supposed to give you precise control and ensure the delivery of clean, dry air. Furthermore, this air compressor has an oilless design, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including food decorating, body art, etc. With the noise level of 59 dbs, it is no louder than the Master ⅕ HP Airbrush Tank Compressor; however, it does come at a steeper price point.


  • Iwata-Medea Studio Series Ninja Jet Single Piston Air Compressor


Iwata-Medea Studio Series Ninja Jet Single Piston Air Compressor is a reliable air compressor for the price value. Though it is loud, it is a dependable one and has the claim of zero-maintenance. LIke the Point Zero One, it has an oilless piston making it usable on food and body art and/or makeup as well. Included with this air compressor is a high-strength polyurethane hose, a built-in airbrush holder with a carrying handle. The only downside is that the airbrush itself must be purchased separately. However, this air compressor is easy to use, easy to clean, and functions reliably.


  • PointZero Portable Airbrush Air Compressor


This PointZero Air Compressor is similar to the the previous Point Zero one with the obvious difference that this one is portable. As such, it is tankless and has and “ultra-quiet” noise level of 55 dbs. PointZero claims that this air compressor works on demand and will run until it reaches 58 psi, “cycling off until pressure reaches 40 psi before restarting.” Luckily, these claims are well-founded. This air compressor is great quality and performs beautifully. This air compressor, like the other Point Zero one, is also oilless. This is a great buy for your airbrush art needs, especially any portable ones.


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